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Heat Coil Systems Contractors Bend Oregon

“Roofing contractors Bend Oregon save you money in two ways – procuring materials at a discount and reducing the need for future repairs. We are subcontractors that are licensed by the state as someone who specializes in roofing.  “

Heat Coil Systems Contractors Bend Oregon

​Heat coil systems can be installed to minimize ice formation and retention on roofs. With them you can prevent a lot of damage to your roof that can result from the buildup of ice dams.
While it may seem like the perfect solution to ice dam formation, know that this system does not prevent ice dams from forming or get rid of them altogether. They merely melt channels through the formed ice dams to minimize the amount buildup. So, what are the advantages of installing Heat Coil Systems?

  • If heat cables are correctly and professionally installed, they can be very useful in minimizing water buildup behind ice dams.
  • Heat cables are a much cheaper solution than fixing the source of the problem by sealing air leaks in the attic, installing adequate insulation, and creating proper ventilation.
  • Heat cables can protect your gutters from filling with ice, breaking off, and harming your roof.

When a high-quality Heat Coil System is used and installed by reliable roofing contractors Bend Oregon who know what they’re doing, they can provide a decade of reliable ice dam prevention. In fact, there are circumstances when heat cables are the only realistic option for ice dam prevention. However, in order to really prevent ice dams, you need to target the source of the problem.
If you find yourself struggling with ice dams every winter, and have considered installing heat coil systems in your home or building, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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